Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kris Kobach kills political future

Monday, February 29, 2016

Kris Kobach kills political future

My favorite politicians are forcing me to say bad things about them. And I say this as someone who truly understands the feelings of Donald Trump supporters. I get it. The Republican Party has done us wrong. As a party, it deserves a beat down. I don't think Trump is the person for the job.

I cannot vote for Trump. In fact, I will not vote for Trump. I have been a faithful Republican voter since the day I turned 18. I held my nose and pulled the lever for John McCain, and I really think the Republican Party owes me a ticker tape parade because of it. Voting for McCain was traumatic. However, Trump doesn't actually believe or agree with half of the Republican Party's platform. I won't vote for him. 

I don't intend this post to offend the very select few people I know who support Trump. Again, I get it. 

That said, I'm stunned that Kris Kobach is publicly endorsing Trump. The vast majority of conservatives, especially evangelicals who regularly attend church, do not support Trump. Trump earns winning (not majority, but plurality) numbers among almost all demographics with the exception of church going evangelicals.

I would have called Kobach an evangelical. I think he's a Baptist. (I think. I don't know for sure.) 

When I heard Kobach was set to endorse Trump, I didn't believe it. I thought Trump's questionable moral stances and hello -- he said he doesn't believe he's ever done anything that would require God's forgiveness would disqualify Trump in the eyes of Kobach.

And if not that, I thought the fact that Trump praised the Kelo decision, the fact that he said he'd appoint his sister to the Supreme Court, the questionable things he's said about free speech and the very troubling way he's hinted he would use the bureaucracy to punish his detractors -- surely, those things would make Kobach uneasy. 

Politically, I believe Kobach's Trump endorsement may have been suicide. There's no way on earth Trump wins Kansas, and it's equally unlikely a Trump administration would have room for someone with the conservative street cred of Kris Kobach.

When I saw Kobach's press release, I was trying to understand why a Baptist, active political insider conservative would ever endorse Trump. I've been trying to wrap my brain about Kobach's endorsement all afternoon. I've got nothing -- at least -- I've got nothing I'm willing to say out loud.

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