Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Media fails: Wagle vs. Pilcher-Cook

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Media fails: Wagle vs. Pilcher-Cook

Susan Wagle, President of the Kansas Senate, has removed Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook from the chairmanship of the Senate Health and Wellness Committee.

If you believe everything you read in the papers, you'd think that Pilcher-Cook was relieved of her duty because she violated a Senate rule by adding an anti-Obamacare amendment to an unrelated bill.

That's Wagle's story, and she's sticking to it. Unfortunately, the liberal press is all too willing to believe anything Wagle says. 

Here's the truth:

Wagle gave Pilcher-Cook a series of ultimatums that had absolutely NOTHING to do with Senate rules. In order to keep her chairmanship, Pilcher-Cook was to promise to:

  • Support Wagle for Senate President next year;
  • Support Wagle's positions in front of the caucus;
  • Make it clear to the caucus that P-C supported Wagle over Sen. Terry Bruce;
  • Help get Wagle re-elected;
  • AND hold a hearing on Medicaid expansion or anything else Wagle asked.
When Pilcher-Cook refused to agree to Wagle's list of demands, she was ceremoniously dumped from her leadership position.

I've had about enough of supposed Republican Susan Wagle. This women, often praised by the media as a "conservative" is anything but. 

Wagle tried to kill the Second Amendment Protection Act in 2013. She was merciless in stabbing conservatives in the back over religious freedom legislation last year. She always opposes legislation that would curb or at least de-incentivize illegal immigration. Wagle did not support E-verify!! 

She isn't a conservative, and I suspect she never was. She gets a lot of glowing press, which should give everyone a bit of a clue about her politics. Meanwhile, her sole claim to anything worth mentioning is that she's a cancer survivor. Trust me, you're about to be inundated with her cancer survivor story (again), because this hard-nosed lefty plans to run for governor. 

Don't be fooled by Susan Wagle. She's a liberal cloaked in conservative clothing. Blech. 

Count me a member of #TeamMaryPilcher-Cook.


  1. So Susan Wagle isn't a conservative because she may disagree on Medicaid expansion? Wow, William F. Buckley must be rolling over in his grave. This is the problem with the Republican Party in Kansas - extremist sentiment and cannibalizing their own. Who would want to be a Republican under those litmus tests? That's insanity. Many conservatives disagreed and outright opposed the "religious freedom" act and there are disagreements among conservatives on illegal immigration as well. Conservatives are not robots, in monolithic agreement on every issue. Many of us think for ourselves.

    Mary hasn't followed the rules for some time and she only serves as committee chair at the Senate President's discretion. This is standard practice. Remember when House Speaker Ray Merrick booted three Republicans (Concannon, Bollier, and Hill) from the Health Committee? Where was your outrage over that? Oh, that's because it was an issue with which you agree. So much for consistency.

    And Wagle is a close Brownback confidante - she doesn't do anything without his approval. Where's your courage in criticizing Brownback? He's not an immigration hard-liner and has been working behind the scenes to prevent immigration legislation from reaching his desk.

    1. The above comment signed, Susan Wagle, Kim Borchers, and Keith and Charlotte Esau.

  2. Wagle is in Brownback's back pocket and NETHER one is a true conservative.