Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Lawyers Selected by Secret Committee to Hear Arguments

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lawyers Selected by Secret Committee to Hear Arguments

I do not understand why we even bother with this charade, but here we go again.

Today, a panel of judges selected by a secret committee will rule on whether the decision made by a majority of elected representatives of the people are required to spend more (or differently) on school funding.

The money grubbing K-12ers and the greediest lawyers on Earth (which is really saying something) are back before the public trough of the Kansas Supreme Court today demanding more money.

For those keeping track, so called Schools for Fair Funding (SFFF), has used taxpayer money to sue the state into giving more money to schools. Repeatedly. Seriously, like every month there's a new reason that however much money the taxpayers provide to school their own children (or in some cases, to school other people's children) is never enough.

Truly, the Court has seriously and repeatedly said sorry, that's not enough. So the legislators tweak some numbers, throw in some more cash (essentially stolen at the point of a gun from my pocket), and these Justices say, nope. Try again. 

Write this one down, because I believe it to be true: As long as there is a conservative legislature and Governor, there is no dollar amount that will satiate these people. They could take every dime in the state budget, and I mean every last penny -- shut off the lights in Topeka, sell the Governor's mansion, fire every member of the Kansas Highway Patrol, eliminate funding to the National Guard, the Kansas Department of Transportation -- and it still wouldn't be enough for these greed mongers. I have never seen anything like it.

These greedy monsters want to use your children against you, parents. It's stunning that the majority of parents don't see it. These people believe your children belong to them. They are assets of the state to be indoctrinated (and eventually eternally damned). 

It's funny. A few weeks ago, I called the K-12ers "money grubbers" in a blog post. And I noted the Kansas Democrats went all self-righteous because I used that term. 

Please show me how more public school funding has improved the educational outcomes of any children. Oh wait, you can't, because it hasn't. It hasn't worked nationwide and it hasn't worked in Kansas. Despite the Sunflower State showering schools with cash over the last 10 years, guess what? Students scores remain stagnant. 

This is going to come as a surprise to some of the greedy educrats out there, but clearly, it must be said, and it must be said often: There are some things money can't buy. Trust me, I have seen my share of people with parents whose idea of parenting involved buying their kids fancy cars and leather jackets, but couldn't be bothered to spend time with their children or discipline them or love them. Ask me how well that worked out. (Hint: Not well.)

So, the lawyers are going to argue before a panel of justices today. On one side, we have SFFF attorneys, who, if there's any justice in the world, should eventually have to pay back every dime they've robbed from taxpayers. School districts are buying those clowns new cars and vacation homes with your tax dollars. That's taxpayer money that could, I note, be used for school funding.

We also get to pay for the salaries of the Justices who clear their golfing schedules at least once annually to stick a knife in the back of conservatives. 

Meanwhile, taxpayers get to fund the other side of the school funding debate as well. The state of Kansas (yeah, we're paying them, too) will argue that the funding legislators approved this year is sufficient. 

As I said before, I don't know why we bother with this charade. I have a good idea how this dog and pony show ends. The justices will say the legislature needs to turn over more funding. How do I know the outcome? Because we keep having the same argument, and the same side wins every time.

For every numb skull who thinks this isn't a political game because men and women in black robes are involved, get a clue.


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