Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Social Justice Warriors--Peace Out

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Social Justice Warriors--Peace Out

A column I wrote appeared in the Johnson County section of the Kansas City Star yesterday. Regular readers of this blog have heard it all before, but if you'd like to hear it all one more time, here's a love letter to social justice warriors: It begins:

Dear Social Justice Warriors,
You can’t go around calling half of America racist and misogynist and expect them to be on your side — especially when the only thing many Trump supporters have done to earn the title is being born white and/or male. And when you do run around denouncing every human as a racist — before demanding a safe space —you make it impossible for good people to actually call racism when we see it, lest we be lumped in with you, safe spacers.

I was fairly content to let the social justice warriors run amuck without comment, as they were mostly only hurting themselves, but when Rep. Stephanie Clayton made a thinly veiled attempted to lump the Kansas Policy Institute in with a white nationalist group via Twitter, I felt like someone should say something. I left the stuff about the offensive stuff on the cutting room floor, because Clayton issued a Twitter apology. Crying racism when there really isn't any to be found is damaging to people like me. When racism rears its ugly head, and it does sometimes, it's devastating to not be able to call it what it is. People who yell it at every turn have caused that problem, and they deserve to be called out. 

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/community/joco-913/joco-opinion/article120813028.html#storylink=cpy


  1. Every human should have equal rights. you cannot judge or abuse a person just because of their color, race or gender. i am totaly against racism.

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