Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Congressional Candidate Watkins Prepares for Matrimony with Planned Parenthood Award Winner

Monday, April 30, 2018

Congressional Candidate Watkins Prepares for Matrimony with Planned Parenthood Award Winner

I have good news and bad news for fans of Second Congressional District candidate Steve Watkins. The West Point grad and former Airborne Ranger is getting married on May 12th. (Though a website at The Knot devoted to the couple has since been scrubbed, Google handily caches that stuff.)

Normally, I'd simply say, congratulations, and it's about time. Matrimony is awesome! However, there's something voters should know about Watkins' bride. It's something I would want to know as I considered the (overwhelming) number of Republican candidates for Congress in the Second District.

Fong Liu, Watkins' intended, is a Planned Parenthood award winner. Liu is an OB-GYN. When she was in medical school, she served on the board of Planned Parenthood Alabama, and won the 2004 Young Volunteer of the Year Award  (page 21) from the organization.

She earned the honor by being a "patient escort, lobbyist, educator and past president of her local chapter of Medical Students for Choice."

For me, this disqualifies Watkins as a viable Republican candidate for U.S. Congress. It's not uncommon for a candidate to have a spouse with differing political views, but this isn't a soft-sort of difference of opinion about something like tax policy. This shows a dramatic moral departure from what most Kansas Republicans demand from their Congressional candidates.

Looking the other way is unconscionable. Giving a Congressional platform that will allow a rabid abortion supporter access to lobby on behalf of Planned Parenthood is intolerable for me.

Liu is an obstetrician and gynecologist who has lobbied on behalf of Planned Parenthood, an organization that sells baby body parts. This is a woman who walked pregnant women in to meet their babies' executioners.

I can't find anywhere online in which Liu denounces her prior support or reveals a change of heart. If I were a voter in the Second Congressional District, I would need to see an Abby Johnson-sized turn in order to support Watkins' candidacy. I just can't stomach the potential damage of having her rubbing elbows with policy makers if her deepest political principle is ensuring abortion on demand and using taxpayer money to do it.

I don't live in Kansas' Second District, but I am happy to report there are a number of great candidates in that race. Pro-life voters have several choices so they can cast a vote that doesn't mar their conscience in any way.

I sincerely wish Watkins and Liu the happiest of marriages when they enter matrimony May 12, but if Watkins has an ounce of pro-life principle in his body, he will abort his campaign rather than provide his wife an opportunity to advance her favorite cause of abortion through his candidacy.

Side note: Folks should probably take a look at donors to Watkins' PAC and his campaign. I hear there are some politically savvy folks behind him, and this makes me wonder if they knew this and found it acceptable. 


  1. I think it's pretty disturbing you're willing to completely discredit a conservative because he has different views from his spouse. I didn't know you have to agree with everything your spouse does to be an ideal candidate or to be considered a Republican. Why don't you report on things that he, himself has done rather than his soon-to-be wife? You're better than this.

  2. I've known Steve for 30 years. He is a top notch man of integrity. He is someone I've wrestled alongside him. I've talked with him over coffee... when I needed support, he was there. He is the most honest and upfront guy I know. I know him as someone extremely pro-life. He has made a pledge to not vote for funds to planned parenthood. He will never support abortion, and especially not tax funded abortion. Although most all the candidates are pro-life, Steve is the man to vote for if you are pro-life. He has proven to be a very capable individual who can accomplish major goals. He has the ability to beat Paul Davis whereas the other candidates might not. Your insinuation that his office would be used to secure funds for planned parenthood is blatantly false. Steve is running for office not his fiance. He is very pro-life and that will be reflected in his representation. This election needs be about the candidates and not mud slinging at their lived ones.

    1. Well, that's all the reassurance we need. A guy on a blog met with the candidate over coffee, so we can all ignore the years of dedication that his wife made to ending unborn lives. End of story.

  3. Nice article. This information is good to know. Should make people sit back and ponder where his priorities are.

  4. We have solid candidates in this race, solid, experienced candidates who have no questionable ties. Why people think Congress and other high political office is an OTJ position to begin with, is beyond me.

    As for Danedri, I think I'll trust her instincts over an anonymous "conservative voice" so spare us the snide "you're better than this" crap.

  5. This is thought-provoking, thanks for sharing this connection.

    Let's start at the top -- Kellyanne Conway should not hold any position in the White House due to her husband's repeated, traitorously anti-White-House views, such as his recent publication "The Terrible Arguments Against the Constitutionality of the Mueller Investigation".

  6. I couldn't find a by-line for this article. Do we know the author? This information in and of itself is not a deal breaker for me