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Who IS Gidget Southway? (She's Danedri Herbert.)

Gidget Southway may or may not have grown up in Kansas. After careful consideration of New York City's 31 genders, Gidget has settled on "woman." 

She is old enough to know better than the Millenials. She is gainfully employed. 

Gidget is a graduate of a college with a degree in something slightly more useful than puppetry. 

She loves puppies, good books, long walks on the beach, and laughing at liberals. 

Please blame any mistakes you find in this blog on the education she received courtesy of the public school system. 

She can be contacted at gidget.southway@gmail.com.


  1. Can't wait for your view of the teachers in Andover out of school for "Vote Against Ty Masterson DAy" or the Brownback pop up display with the sign the petition against "Republicans and help save our judges" that is popping up at polling places. It just goes to show you that education has failed our teachers because I thought the purpose of education was to develop a well rounded person who educates themselves on issues so they can educate others, not spew cliff notes like a puppet with it's strings caught in a fan.

  2. I found your blog post about one of my letters to the editor quite amusing. You don't seem to recognize that some of the figures you added together from the Kansas Educatoin website are actually duplicate figures, so your ending figure is distorted by several thousand dollars. But, you know, it does require critical thinking skills to figure out, not just math skills.